Brussels management school - college for hotel management

In order to carve out a place in the world of work, it is vital to have excellent academic references. These references do not just help open doors to the best jobs, but also help students to adapt to the rapid and ongoing developments in the sector.

BBI institutions is first and foremost designed as “School for Hospitality and Tourism Business” with an international dimension. Our college for hotel management has two locations. One in Brussels and one in Luxemburg.

BBI’s teaching is carried out by professors, certified hospitality educators, qualified lectures and instructors, who are recruited for their professional skills and teaching ability.

The objective for the teaching staff is to simplify, and as much as possible, give concrete expression to complicated theoretical notions. Furthermore to adjust teaching to the level of understanding of all the students and above all to encourage students.

Studying at the college for hotel management in Brussels or in Luxemburg? Feel free to visit our locations at opendoor weekends, or to send us a message.