Contact between former students and the institute does not come to an end on graduation day. The majority of former students stay in regular contact with BBI and their fellow students through the Alumni Club. This club was created by the first graduating class, and is the link between both former and current students. The Club’s purpose is to: 

• Periodically bring together former students who have received their degrees since the club was founded. 
• Organize meetings with the aim of offering or helping students to look for jobs or professional placements. 
• Organize trips, visits and study seminars. 
• Share and exchange professional news in the field of hospitality and tourism management and related new technologies.

As future close-knit and competent industry leaders throughout the world, BBI graduates keep the spirit of the institute alive. This spirit is passed on each year and is at the very heart of each year group. Today, the Alumni Club constitutes a network of distinguished industry professionals. 


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