Visit from the Cape Verde Ambassdor..!

Thank you again for this wonderful visit & meeting our Cape Verde students..!

BBI in Russia..!


OPEN DAYS - 09th of May in Brussels Campus

                              ***** From 16 PM until 20 PM *****

OPEN DAYS - 24th of April & 6th of May in Wiltz Campus

                             ***** From 10am until 15pm *****

AHLEI - Hotel Industry Responds to Human Trafficking Crises

Hotel Industry responds to Human Trafficking Crisis with New Online Training Progamme. To read the whole article, please follow the link: human-trafficking-crises.pdf

Hitch, IKKI & Cie

Interesting article about the food and beverage sector in Luxembourg.
To read the whole article, please follow this link: dletzebuerger-land---hitch-ikki--cie.pdf

Bon pour la réputation du Grand-Duché

A few weeks ago, 'De Journal' met our President Mr Louis Robert for an interview.
To read the whole interview, please follow this link: article-journal-octobre-2016.pdf

Graduation Ceremony of the Class of 2016

On 18th November, BBI will celebrate its new graduates!

Maart a Musik 2016

Tonight there's a market at the castle of Wiltz, promoting regional porducts.
You shouldn't miss it if you are around!!
Some nice food, drinks and music. What a better way to start your weekend?!

Festival de Wiltz


Since the creation of the 'Festival de Wiltz' this first European open-air theatre is the annual appointment of
artists as well as theatrical and musical ensembles of international breadth.
In 1953 a handful of people from Wiltz had the extraordinary idea to create a festival in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. From theatre one passed to the music all naturally, and one noticed that a public of
connaisseurs and amateurs replied with attentiveness to this initiative.
Thus, the scene of the ‘Festival de Wiltz’, with its monumental Renaissance staircase and the castle of Wiltz as a background, became a hotspot for some of the most renowned artists like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald or
Miles Davis.
For more information you may visit the following website:

Geenzefest Wooltz

On Monday 16th May will be a big party in Wiltz!

Luxembourg celebrates Whit Weekend at the "Geenzefest Wooltz".
The weekend festival is located in the streets of Wiltz, at the inner court of our beautiful castle and also on theatre square. Wiltz hosts a day of incredible entertainment with a wide variety of music bands and folk
groups. "Geenzefest Wooltz" also will see a superb float parade with characters such as the Broom Queen
and her six Ladies of Honour.
This year's theme is all about comic caracters.
Get ready to get to know our national comic hero "Superjemp"

Have fun!

Légère Hotels Event Calendar

Check out the new event calendar of Légère Hotels:

BBI Food Festival 2016

  There is a new Edition of the traditional BBI Food Festival
coming up quite soon!

If you want to know more about this very special event, just check the following link : food-festival-2016.pdf

Please note that presence is only
upon invitation. For more information,
feel free to contact us!

Christmas Market at the Castle of Wiltz

  On past friday, 11th December, the city of Wiltz organized the traditional Christmas Market inside the castle courtyard. Our students prepared some delicious exotic food which had lots of success among the visitors.

For more pictures of the event, just click on the link below:

BBI-Lux present at the Christmas Market in Wiltz

  This Friday, our students from BBI -Lux will be present at the Christmas Market in the courtyard of the Castle of Wiltz.
If you are keen on trying out exotic food and heart and body warming drinks, we would love to meet you there!

22nd Graduation Ceremony & 25 years of BBI

On 20th November, BBI welcomed its graduates, guests and friends to a double event at the "Château de Wiltz".
BBI celebrated the 22nd Graduation Ceremony for "Class of 2015" as well as its 25th Anniversary.

Want to see all the pictures of the evening?
Follow the link below:

Quick overview of Luxembourg

  We found this creative and interesting document about Luxembourg.
Go ahead and take a look at it! You'll get to know this beautiful country in just a blink of an eye!


Tageblatt Press Article


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