School of hospitality and hotel management

BBI – Brussels Business School for Higher Education “College of Hospitality and Tourism Management”

In order to carve out a place in the world of work – a highly competitive world – it is vital to have excellent academic references. These references do not just help open doors to the best jobs, but also help students adapt to the rapid and constant developments in the sector.

As an educational establishment that focuses on higher education, our programmes are based on the progressive acquisition of the necessary management skills. They open up the way for our students to follow diverse career paths and enable them to quickly adapt to the new economic, cultural and social challenges of globalisation.

Aware of the great changes globalisation causes in the professional world, our educative duty is to encourage a return to humanism and to make our students realise the importance of sustainable development and its prime importance in the hotel and tourism industry. That is why our programmes, always highly innovative, include specific courses on Sustainable Hospitality Hotel Management, since it is both a factor of progress as well as a creator of employments.

Hospitality hotel management courses:

The Bachelor hospitality management Degree is awarded at the end of three years of study. It is described as “Career-oriented programme”, meaning that it directly prepares students for professionals’ activities. Therefore, at the end of this programme, students who graduate can, depending on their personal ambitions, directly enter the world of work or can continue studying for a Masters.

The MSc. hospitality management degree is awarded after two years of study. This programme aims to consolidate knowledge acquired during undergraduate training and to increase knowledge about the numerous aspects of business management. The programme also offers students a range of specific skills leading to their selected specialisation, enabling them to adapt to current industry requirements.