Accreditation & Certification

The quality assurance mechanisms of British universities have always been considered one of the best standards for higher education, and particularly in the international field of education

Queen Margaret University


For this reason, the decision was taken to receive a British validation, and as such BBI's programmes are validated by Queen Margaret University - Edinburgh, founded in 1875, originally as the Edinburgh School of Cookery. Queen Margaret University (QMU) was recently named the best modern university in Scotland, ranking 29th out of 73 modern universities in the UK as a whole.

QMU validation means that the BA - Bachelor of Art & MSc. Master of Science in International Hospitality Management programmes are accredited; and meet the requirements by applying the British Quality Assurance Standards (QAA). QMU’s expert panel of academic and professional representatives appointed by QMU valided BBI. As a result, BBI students are enrolled at both institutions, and if they successfully complete either the Bachelor or their Master programmes they will receive both the BBI and QMU diplomas (Double Degree). BBI's programmes are subject to a comprehensive review every five years.

The overall aim of our programmes is to produce professionals who are able to manage ethically, sensitively and holistically in different types of organisations and in an increasingly global and constantly changing environment. Our graduates can be found in almost every sector of business, service and social life.

Today, our programmes are designed specifically to meet the needs of employers and the professions, but most importantly, your needs as a student. With this in mind, our programmes aim to develop the personal and professional knowledge, skills and competencies of our students so that they can realise their full potential. The programmes include opportunities for practical application and, where appropriate, recognition by the relevant professional bodies. As a university, we offer a wide range of practical support, including counselling, employability and career guidance services.


Tourism Education Quality

Since 2008, the institute (through its former campus in Brussels) has obtained UNWTO.TedQual (Tourism Education Quality) certification. This certification is the international mark of excellence in tourism and hospitality management education. The aim of the certification is to contribute to quality and efficiency, and represents one of the highest standards of achievement for tourism and hospitality schools worldwide.

The UNWTO.TedQual certification is issued by the World Tourism Organisation This organisation is a specialised agency of the United Nations, to support quality improvement in tourism education and training programmes worldwide. UNWTO.TedQual certification is based on the understanding that the quality of tourism education and training should be seen as a comprehensive and continuous process.