Teaching staff

BBI's faculty consists of professors with either a PhD, MBA or MSc degree. In addition, there are certified hospitality educators who are recruited for their skills, professional experience and teaching ability.

Certified hospitality educators

The aim of the teaching staff is to simplify and concretise as much as possible the theoretical concepts and to adapt the teaching to the level of understanding of all students; and above all to encourage students to think outside the box.

As members of various professional organisations and other university faculties, our teachers follow continuous professional development programmes to keep up to date with both theory and practice, which guarantees their knowledge, efficiency and professionalism with regard to new technologies and the latest working techniques.

The development of the Bachelor and Master programmes is, at all times, guided by the industry's leading professional practices.  This is why we have developed an active programme of lectures by respected professionals in the field. These speakers are invited to give sessions throughout the year to enhance students' understanding of the industry and to help them gain insight into how their learning is applied in professional contexts.

The experience provided by external speakers is a major asset for students, but also an opportunity for BBI to demonstrate the importance of the professional and international orientation of its programmes.  At the request of the professor, it is also very common to integrate such a speaker into a course by inviting him/her to share his/her views directly with students on a specific topic.


Development of Applied Research

The objectives of the Committee of Research and Innovation (CRI) are to train lecturers and students in applied research, to guide them in their work and to ensure continuity and coherence of research lines. The members of the CRI, acting collegial, organise two differentiated structures, one adapted to the teachers and the other adapted to the research work entrusted to the students. In this way, the ultimate goal is to create a momentum that will tend to increase constantly the overall quality of the teaching provided.