What we stand for

Founded in 1990 in Brussels, BBI has gradually become one of Europe's leading management schools.

Our teaching programme

Over the past 30 years, BBI has built a solid reputation through its extensive network of contacts with international companies and hotel chains - many of whom employ BBI alumni. As an international business school, our strategy is to follow Europe’s vision of knowledge development through a dynamic, open-minded and committed approach.

The courses correspond to a desire to develop real expertise in the field of management by adjusting to the specific needs of companies, such as sustainable development. They include theoretical and practical teaching, the acquisition of methodologies and languages, an introduction to applied research, and case studies in field situations in partnership with our network of companies.

BBI offers Bachelor of Art (BA) and Master of Sciences (MSc) programmes, in a truly international setting, which will ensure that creative, passionate and like-minded students are ready to meet the challenges of business management. The programmes are delivered in English and primarily reflect the Anglo-Saxon educational format, which emphasises a practical, pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach to learning.

The overall aim of our programmes is to produce graduates who have an intellectual understanding of the management disciplines and a broad understanding of professional skills and practices in business. In addition, the courses offer students the opportunity to develop a range of soft skills such as written and verbal communication, self-management, reflective learning, teamwork, project management and problem solving.

Supervision of day-to-day operations, comparison of marketing strategies, property and asset management, finance and accounting, and international development are just some of the topics taught by industry specialists. Through case studies and various projects based on fieldwork, the programmes provide an analysis of the macro and micro-economic environment. This allows the student to understand different situations with the professional eye of a strategic decision maker capable of solving problems while using the available human and financial resources to achieve the company's objectives.

The programmes also aim at a better understanding of the effects of globalisation, the mastery of change and the particular challenges it presents to a company. Communication courses sharpen skills and develop true leaders who can deal with different situations in different cultural contexts. One of our main characteristics is team spirit, which reflects everyday life in the service sector. The organisation, the teaching philosophy and the relationship between teachers and students are all based on dialogue. This encourages open discussion and helps to build the strong cohesion needed for teamwork.

Furthermore, our courses have become more valuable in other areas of business life, and BBI graduates are not only found in management positions in some of the world's largest hotels, but also in management and business consultancies as well as in marketing, sales, finance or human resources positions in companies, which are not directly related to the hospitality industry. This is the result of courses adapted to the specific needs of the business world. They focus on developing the management and leadership skills of all our students.

Each year, internships are included in the curriculum, allowing the student to evolve in a climate as close as possible to the daily reality of the company and the business world.

Our Mission

BBI's mission is to empower its students to succeed in today's dynamic world by integrating management education, professional skills and career-oriented education. To this end, we use our faculty, services, programmes and facilities to teach students with the conceptual and practical tools necessary to become contributing members of society and to succeed in high-growth employment fields.

Our Vision

BBI Luxembourg aims to be recognised as an excellent educational institution, sought after by the hospitality industry, professional, national and international bodies. We seek to promote leadership and management expertise for a service-intensive global economy and to instil in our students the highest standards of integrity, ethics and social awareness.

Our Values

  • Students First
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork
  • Rigour
  • Success
  • Respect for others
  • Fun and open working environment
  • Learning from mistakes and from each other

BBI attaches great importance to its tradition of pluralism and tolerance. Our policy is to support actively the concept of equal opportunities for every student. We are known for our international outlook. This is based on educational values, which prepare students to enter the world of work, providing them with a solid foundation to develop their professional careers.

BBI also adheres to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET), a comprehensive set of principles designed to guide key players in tourism development. The General Assembly of the World Tourism Organisation adopted the code in 1999 and recognised by the United Nations in 2001.