Enthusiastic testimonials

Our best ambassadors are our graduate students! Every year, many of them tell us about their successful experience at our institute...

Vonhoff Dieter


As I did, you will discover that BBI is an efficient, innovative and a modern institute. I think you will be very impressed with what you will study, because it means that you will be in a place that is going from strength to strength in terms of academic results, enterprise and student satisfaction levels.

Van Baets Miet


Learning at BBI, I find that the educators are all specialists in their field. As soon as you start learning, they are available to answer your questions, explain anything you do not understand and guide and help you in any way they can. I found BBI at the height of my projects.

Tran Van Binh Celia


I chose Wiltz because it is the capital of the Ardennes; it seemed like the ideal place to study European integration. Looking for a hotel school, I also heard many good things about BBI. It has been a year now, and I am happy with the way the courses are run. The support for international students is fantastic; the institute really does its best to help us integrate quickly.

Balazs Dorottya


I like the hands-on approach of the BBI courses, as it has allowed me to go beyond theory. I have learned to apply my knowledge through experiences, including giving presentations, working in teams, and practical experiences in each area of hospitality practice. I felt better prepared to enter the workforce through these experiences.

Shiltz Célestine


I decided to join BBI because it fulfilled all the requirements for me: a very good professional ranking by the hospitality sector, a great diversity in the student body, in terms of nationalities and previous education. I really appreciate the truly international curriculum offered and the competent teachers at BBI.

Duponsel Constance


BBI's courses are well organised, with interactive teaching methods that also encourage students to share their experiences. The topics are useful and the course content is of a high standard. In addition, I am delighted to be studying in Wiltz, the Luxembourg people are very friendly and I appreciate the high standard of living.

Hosuch Beata


BBI is a school with an excellent and solid reputation for the quality of its teaching. For me, BBI has proved to be an exceptional choice as a starting point for my future career in the hospitality sector. My decision to join BBI was the right one, as the managerial and practical training I received gave me the best basis to develop my professional skills.

Lin Ying Wen


Studying at BBI is the most valuable practical learning experience for me; a great time with many insights into the world of hospitality; a global network of friends and colleagues; a multicultural and ethnic environment that creates a truly out of the ordinary atmosphere. Yes, BBI gives me a solid foundation for the challenges ahead.

Sigora Robert


Everyone who has taken the plunge and come to study at BBI is excited. It is one thing to go to college and get a degree that puts you in a good position for the future. It is even better if you have fun while you are there. That is what I found when I studied at BBI.

Da Silva Linhares Claudia


Studying at BBI has really been an amazing experience. The small class sizes and very helpful teachers and staff ensure a first-class education, while the campus is large enough for everyone to get involved and have fun. BBI is truly living up to its mission.