Bachelor's degree

Bachelor of Art in International Hospitality Management

Bachelor's degree - Bachelor
Campus Wiltz, Luxembourg
Study Period 3 Years (180 ECTS-360 SCQF)

For candidates, having completed their BA and/or MA in another field of education than hospitality, BBI offers two customised options.

Undergraduate Programme

The Bachelor's degree is awarded after three years of study. It is described as a "career-oriented programme", which means that it prepares students directly for professional activities. Thus, after completing this first cycle of studies, graduate students can, depending on their personal ambitions, either enter the world of work directly or pursue a master's degree.

This programme focuses on theoretical subjects (academic disciplines) and comprehension skills (hospitality and related operations). It provides knowledge of teamwork and decision-making. The programme offers a combination of operational skills and sound business management knowledge to enhance students' knowledge of general management and finance, which is essential for this career path. 

The three main areas of the curriculum are:

  1. Operations management education
  2. Business management education
  3. Practical teaching - paid work placements.

This programme will enable students to:

  • Prepare and develop students for a supervisory/management role;
  • Develop an informed and critical approach to understanding the international hospitality and tourism products, audiences and related industries;
  • Develop intellectual capacity to analyse and evaluate all aspects of processes and outcomes;
  • Produce students who possess a range of generic and transferable attributes that enable them to communicate effectively, to work individually and in teams within defined and undefined guidelines;
  • To be innovative and adaptable to change, to manage and reflect on their learning and who can contribute and respond effectively to the demands of their chosen profession;
  • Develop students who are able to collect, analyse and interpret information on key international management issues and use this information to construct a reasoned and substantiated argument, a range of interpersonal and transferable skills appropriate for a management career;
  • Develop the student's ability to apply theory to practice through case studies and work placements.

Student evaluation of teaching quality

Our institution systematically carries out evaluations of the quality of teaching and teaching staff. At the end of each academic year, all students are asked to complete an evaluation questionnaire. In this way, the teaching staff and the academic board get feedback and can make appropriate improvements.

Grading systems

The grading system is based on ECTS credits.

ECTS - European Credit Transfer System (EU)

Our programmes are fully in line with the overall objectives of the Bologna agreements, which are intended to facilitate the construction of a "European Higher Education Area". We apply the principles of these agreements, including the implementation of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System - ECTS.

Your academic career

BA Year 1 - 60 ECTS/120 SCQF

Loading Operations

  • Front Office Operations
  • Housekeeping Operations
  • Computer Property Management System practice

Food & Beverage

  • Food & Beverage Operations
  • Beverage Service & Oenology


  • Marketing (l)


  • Operational Accounting (l)

General Management

  • Revenue & Yield Management
  • Computer MIS Technology System


  • Case Study in Lodging Management
  • Case Study in Student Personal Development Plan


  • Final Work Paper – Revenue & Yield Management
  • Optimising Pricing Strategies


  • Basic Operational Internship of 4 Months

BA Year 2 - 60 ECTS/120 SCQF

Food & Beverage

  • Food Safety and Sanitation (HACCP)
  • Product Knowledge & Oenology
  • Planning & Control
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Services – Restaurant & Catering


  • Marketing (II)


  • Managerial Accounting (II)

General Management

  • Organization & Administration


  • Case Study in Marketing (Computer HOTS system)
  • Case Study in Integrated Food & Beverage Management
  • Case Study in Global Hospitality Management


  • Final Work Paper - Menu Engineering
  • Menu Planning & Costing


  • Advanced Operational Internship of 4 Months

BA Year 3 - 60 ECTS/120 SCQF

Human Resources

  • Supervision Management


  • Facilities & Design Development Management


  • Marketing (III)


  • Financial Accounting (III)

General Management

  • International Hotels Development & Management
  • Group Business & Convention Management


  • Case Study in Marketing (Computer HOTS system)
  • Case Study in International & EU Business Law
  • Case Study in Marketing & Events
  • Case Study in General & Strategic Management


  • Final Work Paper - Marketing & Sales Plan
  • Strategy Development & Budget Analysis

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