Student Residence

For BBI, accommodation should not be considered in isolation from education. Rather, we see it as central to the way in which the institute ensures the wellbeing of our students.

Student wellbeing

Housing and student wellbeing

For BBI, every aspect of students' accommodation and experience during their years of study is designed to empower and encourage them to look after their own wellbeing, support others and create the environment for all students to flourish together.

One of our students, Adria M. highlights the importance of this aspect of accommodation design:

Why did I have such a good time at BBI? I realised that it was not the institute itself or the courses that were the issue, but the people. It was the fact that we were in a safe environment, that we were having an amazing time together and that we had that family feeling in the residence. Having that sense of belonging and familiarity and getting to know everyone, having meals together every night, having places to relax, being able to meet other students by chance in the large common areas because everything was open, because there was nothing private outside your own room


Practical information & prices

The students' accommodation is located in the "Beau Séjour" residence building - a former hotel that has been completely renovated and in the immediate vicinity of the campus. The owner is the city of Wiltz and its administration is responsible for the management of the accommodation.
The campus can be reached on foot in 10 minutes or by bike in 5 minutes. The nearest bus stop is a two-minute walk away. There is also a bus service during the week and at weekends that runs through the town of Wiltz.

Please note that public transport in Luxembourg (train/tram/bus) is free for everyone including students.

The accommodation consists of single spacious rooms (+/-25m²), some with a balcony. Sheets, duvets and pillows are provided free of charge. All rooms have a private bathroom and toilet. The residence also has a large car park for bikes and cars.


  • Normal room: EUR 400 per month
  • Room with balconies: EUR 430 per month

The rent includes all utilities such as, water, electricity, heating, Wi-Fi, rental insurance and security service. Students also benefit from common facilities and services: kitchen, living room, dining room, office, rest room, laundry room with washing machines, dryers and ironing facilities, access to the garden, cleaning of common areas and rubbish disposal.