Language teaching

As BBI has an international orientation, courses are taught entirely in English, while some seminars and workshops may be given in other languages depending on the nationality of the guest speaker (always translated into English if necessary).

Language of instruction

It is also by far the language of choice for most publications on the art and science of management, economics, finance and business administration. As our programmes are taught in English, students need to have a good understanding of this language to begin their studies. For this reason, each applicant is subject to a language assessment prior to registration.

For students whose first language is not English, the level (as a second language) acquired during secondary education is usually sufficient to start our Bachelor Degree programme. Our courses are structured to enable students to gradually acquire a good knowledge of English through active participation in the classroom.

Other languages

The Institute's mission is to prepare students for the world of international business where knowledge of several languages is often an asset. BBI follows the principles set out in the Bologna Process, namely that language study is part of the "development of transversal skills and knowledge".

Recognising the importance of languages in business for good communication with future clients and colleagues in many parts of the world, the institute is offering a new language resource, developed as an e-learning system compatible with PC and MAC via an international platform. The system is designed specifically for the needs of higher education and offers students the opportunity to study one or more of the following languages at their choice: English, Spanish, German, Dutch and French.