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The COVID 19 pandemic situation has a significant global impact, affecting almost all economic sectors, including education. Not all countries are following the same strategy but they all agree about the important position of education in this process.

 There is an agreement about how indispensable schools is to prevent our society of closing down completely and be ready when the recovery comes.

 Despite the difficult circumstances, BBI does its best to find creative ways of continuing the educational process. 

 As we go through this unprecedented crisis, rest assured that the institute first priority is to guarantee continuity in the student’s studies.


We all went through a first lockdown and we are now in the second, but we are living with hope for the future. We apply the directives of our government in order to respect all the preventive protection rules in force.

Given the situation, our courses are taught partially by e-learning but also in classroom with a reduced number of students - two days a week alternately. This in order not to jeopardise the studies of our students.


Remember to respect hygiene rules, as being careful for others is also being careful for yourself.


Take care of yourself and your loved ones.


We will keep you updated

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