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Internship - Employment Pathway


Life-Long Learning Specialisation Programme with Employment Assistance through Internship


This specialisation programme is facultative and complementary of the MSc programme. It needs as prerequisite to have a master's degree to be eligible. Successful completion confers on the participant a SPECIALISATION CERTIFICATE. It is an open-entry, open-exit programme. As an independent learning system, it is self-paced, allowing the students to advance at their pace. The programme is made up of two parts:

  • Part 1 - Internship module (Professional managerial training)
  • Part 2 – Elective modules (Five options - Two modules per option)


The specialisation programme can help graduates prepare for advanced managerial credentials. Specialisation options offered by BBI are the hotel industry’s ultimate mark of excellence. Not only does specialisation establish management as a viable career option, it also provides career path milestones that mark every advancement, every important step or direction in pursuit of a career.

Internship can be executed within Hospitality & Tourism organisations, knowing that it should be taken in the wider sense, as defined by WTO, which is to say including hotels, resort, SPA, condominium, restaurants, catering & events, sports & leisure recreation, travel, senior retirement home, consultant agency, etc. In the international hospitality industry, the standard is often to offer an internship before employment.





Advanced Management Training (From 4 to 12 months) – Trainee Manager





(Five options - Two modules per option)



A. Marketing

1. Marketing and Segmentation Strategies

2. Marketing Research Methodologies

B. Sports Clubs & SPA

1. Sports Clubs and Condominium Management

2. SPA Management

C. Finance

1. Hospitality Properties & Facilities Development

2. Hotel Asset– Principles and Practices& Hotel Investment

D. Human Resources

1. Business Ethics & Across Cultures in the Hospitality

2. Managing Performance Appraisal System

E. International

1. Strategic Planning System

2. International Management- Managing Across Borders


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