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Enthusiastic Testimonies from 32 Nationalities …. At a glance!

BBI is a school with an excellent and strong reputation for its quality education. For me, BBI has proven to be an outstanding choice as a starting point for my future
career in the hospitality industry. My decision to join BBI was the right one because the managerial and practical trainings I received gave me the best foundation on
which to develop my professional skills”.
SAELENS MIET from Belgium
“I decided to join BBI because it ticked all the right boxes for me: a very good professional ranking by the hospitality industry, huge diversity across the student body,
in terms of both nationalities & previous education. I really appreciate the real international program offered as well as the skilled BBI’s teachers “
PIT LUDIG from Luxemburg
“As I did, you will discover that BBI is a successful, innovative and modern institute. I think that you will be very impressed with what you studying, because it means
you will be somewhere that’s going from strength to strength in academic achievements, enterprise and levels of student satisfaction”.
Studying at BBI is for me the most valuable hands-on learning experience; a great time with a lot of insights into the hospitality world; a global network of friends
and colleagues; a multi-cultural and ethnic environment that creates a real atmosphere beyond the ordinary. Yes BBI gives me a solid ground to move on the future
“The faculty show they care in their involvement with their students; they take the time to get to know each student personally. I also liked that professors enhanced
learning by using real-life examples in their lectures. To enhance learning, professors included interactive platforms in their power point presentations with links to
course notes, student contacts, discussion forums, etc.”
“Anyone who has taken the plunge and come to BBI to study is enthusiastic. It’s one thing to start higher education and get a degree to stand you in good stead for
the future. It’s even better if you enjoy yourself while you are there. That’s what I found in studying at BBI”.
LI YING MIN from China
“I like the hands-on approach of the courses at BBI because it has taken my learning beyond theory. I have learned to apply my knowledge through experiences
including giving presentations, working in teams, and practical experiences in every area of hospitality practice. I felt better prepared going into the workforce because
of those experiences”.
OSUCH BEATA from Poland
«Studying at BBI was the beginning of a journey into the exciting, rewarding and challenging world of the hospitality industry. The courses at BBI are well structured
and staff, faculty and fellow students form a close relationship over the years spent together. Involvement in each individual student’s professional development is
highly focused upon and all the necessary support and tools are given, allowing the institute’s future hoteliers to obtain the knowledge and experience needed for a
challenging, successful and fulfilling career within the industry. BBI shaped the path to a great career that has taken me to places all over the globe and allowed me
to expand both my personal and professional horizons.»
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