BBI, committed to quality!

BBI, committed to quality!

As a partner of the Queen Margaret University, we are pleased to announce that we are joining the Quality Assurance Agency's (QAA) new Quality and Standards Enhancement Scheme for UK Transnational Higher Education.

This scheme represents a shared commitment to the enhancement of quality and standards, and to the promotion and advancement of UK higher education delivered overseas.

BBI gives the utmost importance to quality rather than quantity. The Institute operations are structured with the spirit of total quality management (TQM). The Institute has implemented a formal, structured and documented internal quality assurance system, named QUALITY CARE (QC).

To ensure students can develop skills that ensure human development, social, professional, cultural and economic models, QC integrates reflective practice on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the Institute and this policy aims at continual improvement.

The anchor of this dynamic quality extends to all levels; this means that all stakeholders – governing bodies, educational, technical and administration, staff, students, and various partners – participate in the ongoing development. This shared mind-set promotes a necessary regulation of the pedagogical and organisational practices through continuous assessment.