DBA – Specific Programmes provided in China

DBA – Doctorate in Business Administration

DBA – Specific Programmes provided in China
Campus Shenzhen
Study Period DBA Study Period 3 Years (180 ECTS)

This DBA programme responds to the specific demands of international students who want to take an academic step back while remaining in the business world. It lasts for three years.

DBA Curriculum


Research-based study programme. The programme is practice-oriented and integrates the latest research methodologies enabling professionals to practise and acquire critical thinking and analytical skills. Five general research methodology seminars that place the doctoral student in a collective discussion these seminars are tailored to the theme of the research area, they are thematic:


  • Unit 1

Thesis management seminar. General information on how to carry out a DBA and to answer legitimate questions asked by candidates wishing to engage in a DBA-type doctoral process.

  • Unit 2

Epistemology - Research methodology to learn how to construct a field of research, collect and process information, guide the process of objectification and define a problematic. Awarded by a detailed research proposal based on the selection of topics defined jointly by the student and the faculty.

  • Unit 3

General methodology of qualitative and quantitative research. Awarded by writing the literature review + designing specific hypotheses.

  • Unit 4

rends to understand behaviours and the emergence of new audiences in order to reflect on projects and strategies.

  • Unit 5

Thesis management. Sanctioned by hypothesis testing (empirical data collection) + thesis writing. Preparation for thesis defence: thesis defence before a jury.


The degree will be awarded on the basis of a personal thesis of about 50,000 words (and no less than 35,000 words). The quality of the research, however, is the most important factor in awarding the DBA degree, not the length.

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