Post Master Specialisation including Internship

Lifelong learning Specialisation programme with employment support through an internship

Post Master Specialisation including Internship
Campus Wilz, Luxemburg
Study Period

This specialisation programme is optional and complementary to the Master’s programme.

A Master's Degree in Hospitality Management is required to be eligible. Successful completion of this programme gives the participant a certificate of specialisation. It is an independent learning system that allows students to progress at their own pace, i.e. entry and exit dates of the student's choice. The programme consists of two parts:

  • Part 1 - Optional Modules (Five options - Two modules per option)
  • Part 2 - Internship Module (Professional Management Training)

Optional modules

The aim of the specialisation modules is to deepen the student's knowledge in the chosen specialisation. The specialisation options offered by BBI reflect the demand for the industry in terms of management. Specialisation increases the students' chances of a viable career. It also provides milestones that mark every advancement, milestone or direction in the pursuit of a career.

Internship module

The internship lasts from four months to twelve months. In the international hospitality industry, it is often the norm to offer an internship before finalising a job in the company. The internship can, therefore be seen as a stepping-stone to an employment contract.

It can be carried out in organisations in the hotel and tourism sector, although it should be taken in a broad sense, as defined by the UNWTO: i.e. including hotels, resorts, SPAs, condominiums, restaurants, corporate catering, event management, sports and leisure clubs, amusement parks, air and sea travel, retirement homes for the elderly, consultancy firms, etc.

Your academic career

Part 1 - Elective modules

Five options - Two modules per option

A. Marketing

  • Marketing and Segmentation Strategies
  • Marketing Research Methodologies

B. Sports Clubs & SPA

  • Sports Clubs and Condominium Management
  • SPA Management

C. Finance

  • Hospitality Properties & Facilities Development
  • Hotel Asset– Principles and Practices& Hotel Investment

D. Human Resources

  • Business Ethics & Across Cultures in the Hospitality
  • Managing Performance Appraisal System

E. International

  • Strategic Planning System
  • International Management- Managing Across Borders

Part 2 - Internship module

  • Advanced Management Training (From 4 to 12 months)

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