MBA - Specific Programmes provided in China

with specialisation in International Hospitality Management & Home Retirement Management

MBA - Specific Programmes provided in China

This MBA programme responds to the growing specific demands of international students who wish to pursue a career as a manager in the various service sectors. It lasts for two years. The first year being a common core and the second year a choice of specialisation.

The objective of the programme is to equip students with a more comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to cope with a competitive and rapidly changing world. Students will gain a solid practical understanding of the management trends that are making a difference internationally.

The programme provides an educational opportunity in applied hospitality science, management, teamwork and decision-making. It also provides in-depth expertise in practical research and critical analysis.

Students learn the characteristics and techniques used in the context of applied, goal-oriented management. They learn to integrate different specialisations and techniques within the overall framework of goal-oriented organisations. They will be able to apply management theory in a number of case studies.

Your academic career

First year (common core)

  • International Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management & Internal Audit Management
  • Human Resources - Leadership and Management
  • Corporate Financial Management
  • Sustainable Development & Innovation
  • Corporate Business Plan

Second year (Specialisation)

  • International Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Operational Courses
    • Front Office Operations + Food & Beverage Operations
    • Internship
    • Advanced Internship of 6 months - Professional Managerial Training
    • Dissertation
    • Research - Guidance and Preparation
  • Home Retirement Management
    • Operational Courses
    • Senior Living Communities + Senior Living Market Forces
    • Case Study
    • Four Case Studies – General Management
    • Dissertation
    • Research - Guidance and Preparation

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