Brookins Business Institute University of Applied Sciences International Hospitality Management

School for International Hospitality and Tourism Business

BBI prepares students to join the world of international business. Since English is indisputably the “Lingua Franca” of the world, all our courses are delivered in English. For this reason, our students must have strong working knowledge of its written and spoken forms.

BBI's teaching programmes are validated by Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh). This University was recently named the best modern university in Scotland, ranking 29th out of 73 modern universities in the UK as a whole.

Services for our students

Our team propose practical and professional advice and guidance to support you before, during and after your studies at BBI Institute. Our services complement the academic support available within the faculty.

"Everyone who has taken the plunge and come to study at BBI is excited. It is one thing to go to college and get a degree that puts you in a good position for the future. It is even better if you have fun while you are there. That is what I found when I studied at BBI”.