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What we stand for



The mission statement of the BBI Luxembourg is to empower its students to succeed in today’s dynamic world by integrating management education, professional skills, and career-focused education. To this end, we employ our faculty members, services, curricula, and facilities to equip students with the conceptual and practical tools required to become contributing members of society and to achieve success in employment fields with high growth potential.



BBI Luxembourg aims to be recognised as a world-class institution for education, sought out by the hospitality industry, professional, national and international bodies. We seek to promote expertise in leadership and management for a service-intensive global economy and to instil in our students the highest standards of integrity, ethics and social consciousness.



Students first





Respect for each other

A fun, open working environment

Learn from mistakes and each other



At BBI Luxembourg, we attach great importance to our tradition of pluralism and tolerance. Our policy is to actively support the concept of equal opportunities for each student. We are well known for our international outlook. This is based on educational values which prepare students for entering the world of work, by providing them with solid foundations from which to develop their professional careers.

In Luxembourg, we are currently the only higher education management school with teaching carried out in English specializing in the training and development of international hospitality and tourism managers. Also as a business school of international dimension, our strategy is to be dynamic, open-minded with a vision committed to the way of development.

One of BBI Luxembourg's main characteristics is the team spirit which reflects daily life in the service industry. The organization, teaching philosophy and the relationship between teachers and students are all built on dialogue. This favours open discussions and contributes to and strengthens the strong cohesion needed for team working.

Classes reflect our desire to infuse real expertise into the field of hospitality and tourism management, and to adapt to the requirements of the industry. They focus on theoretical and practical learning, acquiring methodologies and languages, an introduction to basic and applied research, and, thanks to our partnerships with companies, real-life case studies. That is precisely because hospitality and tourism management is changing so quickly, that in addition to teaching this discipline; we help each student to develop their own sense of initiative, which in turns generates innovation and creativity, while refining their skills as a true leader who is capable of facing up to varied situations.


In order to do this, we ensure that our classes are in line with what is happening in the industry. Every year, professional placements are included in the training programmes, enabling our students to develop in an atmosphere as close as possible to the daily reality of life in a company and the world of business. 

Finally, BBI Luxembourg's close relationship with the national and international hotel chains enables our students to begin their professional careers very quickly. Many of our students have already found employment before they obtain their degrees. Besides, the hospitality background of its former students has become more and more valued in other areas of economic life, and BBI graduates can be found not only in management positions in the greater hotels all over the world, but also in management consultancies, and in marketing, sales or HR positions in companies which are not directly linked to hospitality.

BBI Luxembourg adheres to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET), a comprehensive set of principles designed to guide key-players in tourism development. It was adopted by the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organisation in 1999 and directly acknowledged by the United Nations in 2001.


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