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Annual School Fees

ANNUAL SCHOOL FEES (new students 2020-2021)


A. For the “BACHELOR” (Undergraduate programme - 3 Years) 
The school fee is € 9.950,00 per year (EU Citizenship)
The school fee is € 10.950,00 per year (Non-EU)(Administration Costs)

B. For the "QUALIFYING or BRIDGE" (programme - 1 Year)

The school fee is € 9.950,00 per year (EU Citizenship)

The school fee is € 10.950,00 per year (Non-EU)(Administration Costs)


C. For the “MASTER” (Graduate programme - 2 Years) 
The school fee is € 10.950,00 per year (EU Citizenship)
The school fee is € 11.950,00 per year (Non-EU)(Administration Costs)



The details of the fee’s amount, initial down payment and installments of payments appear under the heading “School Fees & Terms of Payment” on the “Registration Information Folder – N° 115”, Students are informed of the total amount to be paid before the start of each academic session. The fees must be paid in accordance with the terms, payment deadlines and conditions set out at registration.



  • Admission, tuition, coaching, internship service and career placement,syllabus & manuals
  • Intermediary tests and final examinations (Except for additional Retake examination)
  • Language courses through e learning – Altissia system 
  • Participation in professional “workshops” and “seminars”
  • Double Degree tuition, intermediary tests and final examination at the host institution
  • Individual insurance covering “Accident” and “Public Liability” during all activities organised by the institute
  • IT Services (Internet/e-mail) + Library Services (Books and videos)
  • Alumni Club Network

HOSCO Internship Platform - World Leading Hotel Industry Network

HOTS - Hospitality Operations Technics & Strategies (Virtual Hotel Management system

Some additional costs will be charged to the student for the following curriculum-related activities participation: 


  • Educational trips and field visits in European countries - Logistics
  • For BA year 3 students only : When registered for the Double Degree (Residence at the host institution)


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