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Discover "Our Community"

As our President describes it in his opening message: "The strength of a school lies not in its size but in the qualitative combination of its educational programmes, the talent of its educators, and the motivation of its students."

The hospitality and tourism sector is, and always has been, about people. It is about ensuring impeccable service, go beyond expectations and creating memories. We do not always get to see everyone involved in creating that one unforgettable experience; a lot of these people are behind the scenes.

The same goes for our institute. Therefore, as of today, you will be able to discover the people behind BBI Luxembourg. Both our Students and Faculty Members will be interviewed, either in writing or filmed. On a regular basis, you will discover more. Not only about the inner workings of an institute for higher education, but also the motivation and drive of this diverse group of people.

Just follow the link and we hope you will enjoy!

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