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Double Degree - Tourism Business Management

Double Degrees (DD) are part of the Bologna Process towards a harmonised European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

BBI Luxembourg & SAVONIA agreed to collaborate further on from the original “bilateral agreement” established in 2005, based on students and professors exchange. With the objective to develop further international opportunities for their students and to strengthen the international ties between them, the two institutions have entered into an agreement for the establishment of a Double Degree for the Bachelor curriculum, linked with the ERASMUS + programme for the benefit of the students.

This agreement permits students of each university to follow one year in one of the partner’s institution, and upon the successful fulfilment of the requested conditions the opportunity of receiving by a DD both the academic degree of the home institution and the legal effects of the corresponding academic degree of the partner institution.

BBI students following this programme will obtain their double bachelor degree with 4 years of studies: 3 years at BBI Luxembourg and 1 year at Savonia.



SAVONIA University of Applied Sciences - Tourism and Hospitality Department

Kuopio, Finland.

Savonia UAS is one of the largest and most versatile Universities of Applied Sciences in Finland. Savonia has almost 6000 students and about 500 staff members. Savonia has recently built and renovated a new campus in Kuopio, Microkatu Campus, so you will be studying in modern learning facilities.

Kuopio is the 9th biggest city in Finland, located in the eastern part of the country. The city has about 110 000 inhabitants of which a quarter are students. Beautiful nature and a pleasant living environment, with excellent services, make Kuopio an attractive place to live – a quality of life city.

The Tourism and Hospitality Management education you receive from Savonia is practical and versatile. During many courses, you work on projects with local companies in the industry and other fields’ students. In the studies, you benefit also from an online learning environment. Your studies will include studies related to tourism and hospitality as well as some business studies.

Besides 60 credits of studies in an academic year, the Double Degree programme in Savonia includes also internship, 15 credits, and Final Year Thesis, 15 credits. The Final Year Thesis is usually done during the academic year along with other studies and the internship after the academic year. You can choose your internship place according to your own interests, in Finland or abroad.

More details about the actual course programme can be obtained by simple request.

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