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Double Degree - Tourism Management & Development

Double Degrees (DD) are part of the Bologna Process towards a harmonised European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


BBI Luxembourg & EUROAULA agreed to collaborate further on from the original “bilateral agreement” established in 2005, based on students and professors exchange. With the objective to develop further international opportunities for their students and to strengthen the international ties between them, the two institutions have entered into an agreement for the establishment of a Double Degree for the Bachelor curriculum, linked with the ERASMUS + programme for the benefit of the students.


This agreement permits students of each university to follow one year in one of the partner’s institution, and upon the successful fulfilment of the requested conditions the opportunity of receiving by a DD both the academic degree of the home institution and the legal effects of the corresponding academic degree of the partner institution.


BBI students following this programme will obtain their double bachelor degree with 4 years of studies: 3 years at BBI Luxembourg and 1 year at Euroaula.










EUROAULA - State University of GIRONA 
Escola Universitària de Turisme in Barcelona/Spain




EUROAULA, University School of Tourism, is located in Barcelona, a top tourism destination, cradle of design, the perfect place for music events, for trade fashion fairs and one of the most dynamic cities in Europe.

A broad offer in culture, sports, leisure and nature activities rounds out the spectrum of opportunities. A perfect place to combine a quality academic activity, like Bachelors, with a high top social life. Being able to live as a student in Barcelona is an experience that you will always remember.


EUROAULA, University School of Tourism, offers among the best and more modern facilities in the center of Barcelona. Since 1997, EUROAULA has been affiliated to the University of Girona (UdG), with the recognised Bachelor’s degree in Tourism.


We specialize in providing training in the Travel & Tourism industry with a clear focus on teaching quality, personalized follow-up and innovation. We train future tourism professionals by providing knowledge and studying real use cases and prepare them for a competitive and constantly changing employment market, enabling them to manage sector companies, providing foreign language skills and offering work placements in tourism companies.  

The methodology of the core curriculum reflects the new educational structure of the European Higher Education Area, promoting teamwork, open participation, and student mobility on a European level.


Euroaula, University School of Tourism, Start Your Journey Here!

Courses followed at Euroaula in the framework of the Double Degree Programme:


  • Economics
  • Sociology in Tourism
  • World Geography
  • Travel Agency Management
  • Tourism Resources


  • Information Management at Destinations
  • Tourist Destinations
  • Creation of Tourist Routes
  • Leisure and Cultural Product Development

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