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BBI has implemented a formal, structured and documented internal quality assurance system, named QUALITY CARE (QC). The system takes into account the requirements of two relevant bodies QAA (UK) and EFQM (EU).BBI is committed through QMU validation to principles of best practice in education, as established by the UK Quality Code for Higher Education developed by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The Quality Code is a key reference point for higher education. It defines the academic standards that can be expected of a graduate, in terms of what they might know, do and understand at the end of their studies, and describes the nature of the subject. The Quality Code sets out the Expectations and Core practices that all institutions of higher education are required to meet.

BBI has adopted as a general concept the eighth fundamental principles of “EXCELLENCE” as defined by EFQM - “EUROPEAN FOUNDATION OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT” in its operations and management, such as; results orientation, customer focus, leadership and constancy of purpose, management by processes and facts, people development and involvement, continuous improvement, innovation and learning, partnership development and corporate social responsibility. It means the implementation of procedures, processes and systems used to manage and improve the quality of its education and all other activities, and to ensure the relevance, goal orientation, quality, and continuous assessment and improvement of the activities.

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