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Teaching Staff

BBI’s teaching is carried out by professors, certified hospitality educators, qualified lecturers and instructors, who are recruited for their professional skills and teaching ability.


The objective for the teaching staff is to simplify and as much as possible give concrete expression to complicated theoretical notions, to adjust teaching to the level of understanding of all the students and above all to encourage students to think outside the box by developing their own way of thinking. This is why each class is given by subject specialists.


As members of different professional organizations and university faculties, our teaching staffs follows continuous professional training programs in order to keep them up to standard, both theoretically and practically, and this guarantees their seriousness, effectiveness and professionalism as regards new technologies and the latest work techniques. 


Their skills are periodically examined by the accreditation body. Their teaching qualification (CHE – Certified Hospitality Educator) is renewed every five years, following examinations.


In addition, with the aim of supplementing and diversifying its teaching, BBI calls on numerous well-known professionals and foreign lecturers to share their experiences with the students in the form of talks or case studies which add to the theoretical classes.

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