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Quality Care

BBI has chosen to organize its management and operational structures as well as its educational programs of study on a European Total Quality Model. This approach is based on the “EUROPEAN FOUNDATION OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT” (EFQM) concept, of which the European platform for educational quality has developed a system applicable to the higher educational sector.


Mainly, BBI has adopted as a general concept the eight fundamental principles of “EXCELLENCE” as defined by EFQM in its operations and management, such as; results orientation, customer focus, leadership and constancy of purpose, management by processes and facts, people development and involvement, continuous improvement, innovation and learning, partnership development and corporate social responsibility.



BBI has implemented a formal, structured and documented an internal quality assurance system, named QUALITY CARE.

In the understanding of TQM in BBI, quality assurance (QA) means the implementation of procedures, processes and systems used to manage and improve the quality of its education and all other activities. The purpose of BBI’s Quality Assurance System (QAS) is to ensure the relevance, goal-orientation, quality, and continuous assessment and improvement of the activities.



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