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Student Development



BBI’s main objective is not just to train the students in excellence in the field of hospitality and tourism management, but also to enhance their personal development by offering them the opportunity to evolve and work in an international environment. 


With a student body of 35 nationalities, our students are one of our institution’s key strengths. Coming from different backgrounds and cultures and with diverse experiences, they are all highly motivated and have a real calling to work in hospitality and tourism industry. Students are immediately immersed into an international environment as they rub shoulders with many different nationalities from the beginning of their studies. 


Thanks to this extraordinary cultural diversity, our students learn to know, understand, respect and live alongside others. Based on this multicultural environment, BBI facilitates the blossoming and personal development of its students, in three main areas: 




Developing the individual’s capacity to communicate, to welcome guests with enthusiasm, to lead, motivate and train a team as well as to manage their responsibilities with a spirit of professional excellence. 




Enabling students to fully master management methods and practices and enabling them to concretely apply this knowledge in all company job areas.





Developing students’ ability to be open to the world, to take initiatives and to detect, accept and manage change, qualities which are vital for both future managers and company directors.Students will study strategic leadership in detail, while consolidating their knowledge of the direct aspects of company management. 


This strategic leadership training will prepare each student for the numerous professionals challenges with which they will be faced and for which concerns about short-term profitability, market share and long-term planning, are key factors for success. Managing daily operations, comparing marketing strategies, managing property and assets, and international development, are just a few examples of subjects that they can choose to study in depth as options, with teaching provided by subject specialists. 


Thanks to case studies and different real life on-the-ground projects, they will learn to analyse the macro and micro-economic environments. This will enable them to consider different situations with the eye of a professional decision maker, who is capable of resolving problems, while harnessing the human and financial resources available in order to achieve the company’s objectives. 


Students will also study the effects of globalisation as well as how to manage change and will discover the specific challenges they pose for businesses. They will be able to develop their knowledge of foreign languages. In addition, our “successful communication” classes – both oral and written – will polish their skills as true leaders who are capable of facing up to varied situations in different cultural contexts.


Finally, based on a subject of interest and linked with your chosen professional sector, students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their research, analysis and presentation skills by writing a dissertation in the master program.



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