Hospitality hotel management college

Hospitality management college in Brussels and Wiltz

The Hotel and Tourism Industry is still in a very strong growth in many regions of the globe. Hospitality is one of the key elements in this sector. That’s why the hospitality hotel management course means a lot to us and to our students.

BBI’s first objective is to educate young people towards a hospitality business career. The first language is English, a firm base for our students who build a career in hotel management. The following options are offered: English, French, Spanish, German and Italian.

Hospitality management programmes

BBI offers 3-year Bachelor and 2-year Master programmes, in a truly international framework, will ensure those creative individuals, with passion and who share common values are ready to face the challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry management. The programmes mainly reflect the Anglo-Saxon educational format, stressing a hands-on, pragmatic and interdisciplinary approach to learning. The three main core areas of the curricula are:

  • Operations management education
  • Business management education
  • Practical education – internships

Would you like a career in hospitality management ? Don’t hesitate to send us an information request.

hospitality management college
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