Hospitality management institute

Hotel management institute campus Brussels and Wiltz

Welcome at BBI-Edu. As educational institute of higher education, our programs are based on the progressive acquisition of the necessary management skills. They open up the way for our students to follow diverse career paths and enable them to quickly adapt to the new economic, cultural and social challenges of globalization.

The teaching programmes, as well as the structure, objectives, strategies and pedagogy are the same in both institutes. The same occurs for the teaching staffs which share experiences and skills between in the two entities.

Institute for hotel management

BBI institutions are first and foremost designed as “School for Hospitality and Tourism Business” with an international dimension. Our results, in terms of student satisfaction, real professional openings and relations with hospitality and tourist industry, prove that we are part of the top academic institutions for management studies.

Do you want to know more about our hospitality management institute and/or hospitality management programmes? Feel free to contact us.
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