School of hospitality and hotel management

BBI Brussels Business School for Higher Education “College of Hospitality and Tourism Management”

School of hotel management & hospitality

BBI prepares students to join the world of international business. Since English is indisputably the “Lingua Franca” of the world, all our courses are delivered in English. For this reason, our students must have strong working knowledge of its written and spoken forms.


BBI sets itself apart from other establishments through its achievements; our results, in terms of student satisfaction, real professional job opportunities and close working relationships within the hospitality and tourism industry confirm our position among the leaders in this field.

Hospitality mgmt degrees

BBI offers 3-year Bachelor and 2-year Master programmes, in a truly international framework, will ensure those creative individuals, with passion and who share common values are ready to face the challenges in the hospitality and tourism industry management. We provide first-class education for a career in the Hospitality and Tourism sector - the fastest growing industry in the world.


Internships as a part of your education in hospitality mgmt

The length of the internships is as follow:

  • For the 3 years of the Bachelor programme : 9 months (Worldwide)
  • For the 2 years of the Master programme: 12 months (EU and/or USA)

For more information on our education in our school of hotel management, contact us.

school of hotel & hospitality management
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