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BBI seeks to admit students who have a real desire to study for a career in the field of international hospitality management. Students must have a true desire and possess the qualities needed to successfully complete their studies, as well the managerial qualities required by companies.


During the selection procedure, the Admission Committee takes into account each prospective student’s entire profile. After preliminary selection based on the application, prospective students must attend an interview and a series of tests focusing on the following criteria: language knowledge, general culture and intelligence, ability to analyse, resume and express themselves. In spite of the importance awarded to their previous academic qualifications, motivation, the will to succeed, references and the results of the aforementioned tests are taken into serious consideration.



To register, candidates can fill out the application document: “DOSSIER FOR ADMISSION” (Ref: Document N° 114) and read the appropriate Registration Information Booklet (Ref: Document 115.1 for bachelor's cycle and Document 115.2 for master's cycle) with all registration information and procedures to follow.

Applications will only be analysed after the dossier and all supporting materials have been received. Candidates will be definitively selected by the Admissions Committee on the basis of their dossier, interview and test results. Entrance interviews are held at the institute or in international locations as the case may be or by video-conference for the international candidates.

When the candidate is accepted by the Admissions Committee, he has to complete the “Registration Form” for enrollment and settle an initial down payment to ensure admittance. The Dean's Office will then provide a “School Declaration” certifying that the candidate has been officially admitted to follow either the undergraduate or graduate programme.

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Admission deadline:

- EU citizens/long term residents: 15/09/2020
- International students (non-EU): 15/07/2020


Admission process duration*:

- 2 weeks

* Duration of this process is affected by documents provided, procedures followed and date of submission of admission. For non-EU residents, these delays are further affected by a variety of government services in relation to their student visa.

First day of school (on-campus programme):

Depending of the COVID-19 situation - (E-Learning platform)

Thursday 01/10/2020

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